Remote with SignaLink, Raspberry Pi and Web Radio Control #raspberrypi #ft4 #ft8 #hardware #jtdx

Alf Blomqvist

Hi all

I'm trying to set up a remote connection to my Yeasu FT-450D.

It's with a new application called Web Radio Control.

WRC uses a Raspberry Pi as a server to handle the system.

I have following issues with SignaLinks (I have two different) and both are set as advice for FT-450D and SignaLink from SignaLink.

When one SignaLink is attached I get Rx audio from remote QTH, but it's not possible to transmit.

When the other is connected I do not get Rx audio, but I may transmit!

Do you have any solution to my issues? I want to get both Rx and Tx audio from the remote QTH!

73 Alf

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