Re: Remote with SignaLink, Raspberry Pi and Web Radio Control #raspberrypi #ft4 #ft8 #hardware #jtdx

Mikael Nousiainen OH3BHX

Leaving a comment here for other SignaLink users with FT-450D or IC-7000.

We ended up solving the issue with SignaLink. It was related to some network connectivity issues (port forwarding settings in Asus router) and challenges with transmit audio levels.

It seems that rigs like FT-450D and IC-7000 have extremely sensitive audio inputs, which require special jumpers and settings in SignaLink according to the following instructions:'s%20TX%20control%20is%20%22touchy%22,%20making%20it%20difficult%20to%20control%20my%20RF%20power

Mikael OH3BHX

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