WRC Interfaces with transceivers without USB soundcard #ft4 #ft8 #hardware #jtdx #linux

Alf Blomqvist

Hi all,

A. I have a long time tried to get WRC working with SignaLink (soundcard included) and Yaesu FT-450D with no USB soundcard without succes.

For the moment a have left this setup and asking for your opinion re. the other interface options (listed in the documentation for WRC - Tested Radio Interfaces):

  • MicroHAM USB Interface III

  • RigExpert Standard

  • RigExpert Plus

  • RigExpert TI-3000

  • RigExpert TI-5000

  • SignaLink USB (with built-in Sound Card) - not working yet with my FT-450D

  • NOTE: RigExpert TI-8 will not work, because it has custom serial port hardware only supported in Windows

USB serial port adapters:

  • Aten UC-232A

USB sound cards:

  • Creative Sound Blaster Play! 3

  • Blackstorm Spectrum 5.1 / ProCaster DAC-04

    B. I have also following transceivers that may be used with WRC + Interfece - will some of them work?

    Yeasu FT-1000MP MARK-V Field
    Kenwood TS-450S
    Icom IC-735

    73 Alf, OH6IH

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