iOS 15 connection issue workaround for iPhones and iPads

Mikael Nousiainen OH3BHX

We have identified an issue with the recently released iOS 15 (for iPhone/iPad) where the Safari browser is not able to connect to Web Radio Control properly.

Currently, after initial investigation, it seems that this is indeed some bug in the iOS 15 Safari browser, but there is a workaround for it.

The workaround is:
1. Navigate to: Settings > Safari > Advanced > Experimental Features

2. Turn "NSURLSession WebSocket" OFF

3. Close all tabs in Safari and optionally restart the phone/tablet if the problem still persists

Technical information:

There seems to be some low-level issue in Safari on iOS 15 regarding WebSocket connections (that Web Radio Control uses for messaging between the browser and the server).

The following bug report for Safari/WebKit tracks this issue:
Devices running iOS 14 or 13 should not be affected by the bug.

Mikael OH3BHX